Wonder Woman Will Be Filmed in Three Different Locations and Times


According to a casting call for Wonder Woman, last updated on October 19th, the film will be filming in three different locations and set in three different times.

The filming locations are England, Basilicata and Rome Italy, Rome being the newest site for us to learn of, as we previously knew of London, England and Basilicata, Italy.

As for the three different times, it doesn’t state exactly what time period it’ll be taking place in, but if we were to speculate, we’ll say most likely ancient Greece, one of the World Wars and then the present.

Casting Film 2015 Location filming: ITALY (Rome and Basilicata), England. Title: Wonder Woman Director: Patty Jenkins Wonder Woman Filming will start in November and will be held in the UK and in Italy (Rome and Basilicata). The film will be set in three different times and in three different places.

Source: Castingnews.eu via UniversoDC

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