Wonder Woman Writer Jason Fuchs Still Can’t Say Much on the Film


Jason Fuchs who’s the screenplay writer for Wonder Woman, while promoting his latest film Pan, in an interview with Crave Online was asked on his working on the Wonder Woman film.

Which he previously could not comment on his involvement and once again, he still can’t. Fuchs couldn’t even confirm he’s started working with director Patty Jenkins. All very odd, more so since the film starts production next month.

You’re working on another mythos with Wonder Woman, and she’s one of those characters they’ve been trying to make a movie about for many, many years. I was curious about how you’re approaching that especially when you have these other movies—Batman v Superman and Justice League—on either side, and making that work.

Sure. I’m sure you’ve spoken to people who work for the Marvel machine. The DC ethos when it comes to secrecy is equally intense so I wish I could say more about what I’m up to in the DC Universe but I will just say this: I have been a fan of the DC Comics since I was a kid. I was always a DC guy. I love all of the major characters in that Justice League and what’s exciting to me is that Zack [Snyder] and Geoff Johns and Warner Bros are building a DC cinematic universe that is very, very different from anything else going on in superhero genre films.

They really are taking—and this is not a secret, I think people are seeing this in the trailers that have been released for Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad—they’re taking a darker, more grounded, grander mythological approach to these stories, and so I wish I could say more but I’ve read the same things you’ve read about my involvement in that project and I sure hope it’s all true.

But have you started working with Patty Jenkins already?

Patty is directing the film but I wish I could say more about that process but hopefully the next time I see you I’ll be able to talk a little bit more.

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