Zack Stentz Confirms He’s Writing the Booster Gold Movie


Zack Stentz during an episode of Movie Fights on Screen Junkies, confirms he’s writing the script for the Booster Gold solo movie for the DC Extended Universe after the host Movie Fights host Andy Signore asked him to break the news on the show.

“I’m jumping into the DC Universe with both feet and I am, at least until they fire me, I’m going to be writing Booster Gold.”

Stentz is no stranger to comic book characters on film as he written the scripts to Thor, and X-men: First Class, as well as an episode of The Flash this season titled “The Runaway Dinosaur”.

The Booster Gold solo film has yet to be confirmed or slated by Warner Bros., but it’s very possible the untitled dates that were previously announced could be one of the dates for Booster Gold.

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