Ace Chemicals Confirmed for Suicide Squad


Ace Chemicals has been confirmed for Suicide Squad, as many of the crew members have posted photos of in and around Richard L. Hearn Generating Station in Toronto, which is clearly the stand-in for Ace Chemicals in the movie.

One of the photos that has since been removed, that was posted by Margot Robbie’s double, was of a steel beam on location with the name “Ace Chemicals” painted on it. Lucky for us fans, it was screen grabbed before it got deleted.

For those who are unfamiliar with Ace Chemicals, it’s the chemical plant where The Joker became The Joker, as he falls into a vat of chemicals, creating his trademark look and crazy behavior. The site in many of the different adaptations also ends up becoming Joker’s hideout and in the New 52 Ace Chemicals is the location where Harleen Quinzel becomes Harley Quinn, after The Joker dumps her into the same vat of chemicals that changed him.

We can only speculate what the sight will be used for and fans can only hope we get some iconic scene out of it!

UPDATE: Since the first posting of this article, many of the the original instagram posts have been since deleted, here are the URLs.

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