DC All Access Presents Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem Clip and More


DC All Access presented a new clip from Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem, the 2nd in a line of animated films connected to the Mattel Toy Line. DC All Access got a chance to speak with Writer Heath Corson about the film. We also get a short interview with the Writer of Fables (Bill Willingham) and Prez (Mark Russel), as well as the new downloadable skins for Batman: Arkham Knight.

The clip description goes as follows:

Halloween night we follow a guy in an Elvis costume until he runs into Banshee and Solomon Grundy, who remarks that he loves Halloween before being interrupted by a trio of kids dressed as classic Batman, Robin ans Green Arrow. The trio insult Banshee and Solomon Grundy who proceed to lift up their car scaring them off.

Eric Curto
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