Adam Beach Discusses Slipknot’s Role in Suicide Squad


We are only 7 months away from Suicide Squad hitting theaters and so far we have only had little knowledge outside of the characters of Harley Quinn, Deadshot, The Joker and The Enchantress and now new details are emerging for Christopher Weiss/Slipknot, the trained mercenary played by Adam Beach.

In a recent interview with Rama’s Screen for his upcoming film Diablo,  Adam talked a little bit about the character and hoe he fits into the story. He also describes some of the fight techniques used in the film, which for me personally sounds great.


“My version is basically a guy who’s just pissed off to be there, he’s an angry boy. But ya know, he’s like everybody else, he is a hired mercenary, assassin killer, so you know that paying the right money and he’ll get the job done. And as long as I kept that nature about him that he can in any minute hang you with his ropes or stab you in the back, he is as worse as the Joker and Deadshot and Harley Quinn, that’s the beauty of it, we all filled the shoes of these villainous characters that are hired killers and now we’re asked to go and save the day in some shape or some form, how do you contain that?! Do you know what I mean?!”


“When you researched the villains in the DC comics, everybody’s been through the assassin’s drill of training to kill. My skill is the ropes. Give me a rope and I can fight with it, I can tie you up. They were teaching me a move where if you try to throw a punch, I can use a rope to grab that punch, put the rope around your neck and just drop my weight and it snaps your neck. There’s a lot of martial art skills you can use with the rope and it was pretty cool, man! And I taught my daughter how to use certain moves with the ropes so if I reach out to grab my daughter who’s seven years old, she can trap my fists and spin me around and I can’t move(laugh)


“Basically it’s kind of like you wanted to see these skills, so you’re rooting for them to start fighting, so it’s kinda like you get to see everybody’s technique, and that’s where you’re like ‘O, my God! This is crazy!’ But you know, you don’t get to know a lot about the film because we’re all on a secret pact not to tell anybody about the movie, you have to watch it and then walk away going, ‘Yup, that was damn good!’”

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Eric Curto

Eric Curto

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Eric Curto
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  • Vincent Kennedy McMahon

    Still feel Slipknot is gonna die first from the Squad. But at least we get to see his and the whole squad’s skills showcased.