Said Taghmaoui Training for Wonder Woman 1984?


Actor Said Taghmaoui who played Sameer in Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Womanposted a training video with the caption “Work in Progress”, maybe hinting that he’s getting ready for his return for Wonder Woman 1984

When I commented on the video asking if he’s training for Wonder Woman 1984, using the hashtag #WW84. After he liked that comment, I asked him if him liking my comment meant he’s training to return to the DC Universe and even added in a few theories of how he may return.

He later liked this comment too. Keep in mind he doesn’t say yes or no, so it’s not a confirmation, but for him to like each comment is in my opinion a sign that he is returning. With Chris Pine returning and Patty Jenkins comments that this film is not a traditional sequel there are many ways he can return.

Since than he’s made other training videos:

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