Adam “Edge” Copeland Talks About Being Cast in The Flash


Adam “Edge” Copeland as we know has been cast as Atom Smasher on The Flash season 2, he recently spoke to WWE Blog about taking on the role, what he liked growing up and any chance of getting involved in the Stephen Amell/Stardust conflict.

WWE.COM: So how did you go from playing a heroic supernatural sheriff on “Haven” to a supervillain named Atom-Smasher on Flash?


EDGE: Well, this new career path that I’m on constantly presents all kinds of different roles and when a role as a comic book character came up, I jumped at it.

WWE.COM: Did you read comics growing up?


EDGE: Absolutely. I read The Flash. I read Green Lantern. I loved Batman. I wasn’t a Superman guy — I didn’t like the invincible superhero who always wins. Who can get behind someone like that?

WWE.COM: Did you have favorite supervillains like Atom-Smasher as well?

EDGE: Sure. I liked The Trickster because he was The Flash’s Joker. I liked Solomon Grundy, too.

WWE.COM: I’m not sure if you are following the Stardust vs. Stephen Amell rivalry, but, if by chance the two were to meet and you were at ringside, who would Edge/Atom-Smasher root for?


EDGE: Well, Flash and The Arrow are in the same DC Comics Universe, so I may battle Stephen Amell on the CW and we all know that a Spear is more powerful than an arrow. Then again, I’ve never wrestled Stardust, but I did compete against Cody Rhodes so I think I’d actually have to be ringside to make my pick.

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