Aidan R Gallagher Cast as Billy Batson?


Pre-Production on Shazam is still underway and director David F. Sandberg’s been keeping fans up to date on the process of the film, but hasn’t shown any hints at casting,  only that news will be happening soon.

Now we may have received our first real hint at a casting of a character, as actor Aidan R Gallagher went onto his Instagram to share a fan art of him as Billy Batson with the caption “Looking forward to announcing something HUGE” with the hashtag Billy Batson and his location being at Warner Bros. Studios.

The post has since been deleted by Gallagher off his Instagram, which only flames the fire that he might as fact been casted as Billy Batson, but until Warner Bros. or someone close to the production confirms it, take it with a grain of salt.

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