Alicia Silverstone Criticizes Wonder Woman Hype


Wonder Woman continues to be successful critically and financially, with a box office total of over $660 million Worldwide. But recently Alicia Silverstone spoke on Variety Studio about her confusion to why Wonder Woman seems to be overhyped considering how many other female driven films there’s been in the past.

She points out that there’s been great female fronted shows as well such s The Good Wife and even mentions her own starring film Clueless.  She even states that Wonder Woman’s flashy and action packed story and loads of CGI are the reason for the success and not necessarily practical reasons.

Alicia Silverstone played Batgirl in Joel Schumacher’s 1997 film Batman & Robin and even said recently she wanted to get a second chance at the role or at least make a cameo in the Joss Whedon’s Batgirl film that is in development.

The reason Wonder Woman is receiving the praise it is, in my opinion, is because of many factors:

  1. It’s the first film in the DC Extended Universe to be received positively from both fans and critics, with the last three films being heavily divided by fans and with the critics panning the films.
  2. It’s now the most successful in both box office and critic approval rating of any film directed by a female, Patty Jenkins. Before this film Lexi Alexander was the only female director to direct a comic book film, which was The Punisher: War Zone.
  3. It’s the first successful comic book film with a female lead that is wildly loved, before now we had Red Sonja, Elektra, Supergirl, Tank Girl and Catwoman, which were all flops, both financially and critically.

Eric Curto
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