Andrew Kreisberg Discusses Supergirl Production Changes


Entertainment Weekly sat down with executive producer of all the Greg Berlanti shows on The CW and talked with him about the changes we may notice for Season 2 of Supergirl. The the full interview Kreisberg further discusses Superman’s appearance on the series and Kara’s personality for the season.

How is the show different now moving to The CW?
The pitch that we made to CBS and the pitch we made to the CW aren’t that different. There is going to be a change in the show that I think is a natural progression in a show that’s growing up. We were really blessed with The FlashThe Flashcame out fully formed; that show knew what it was very early on. The experience of Supergirl is more akin to the experience we had onArrow, where we knew there was a great show in there, and every once in awhile we made a great one, but it wasn’t until the back half of that first season — and certainly the beginning of season 2 — that we really felt like we had a handle of what that show was creatively. That’s how we feel about Supergirl, that towards the end of last year, the characters were really coming to life and we were really starting to tell the right stories. Now with season 2, we really feel like this show has gotten, I always say, bigger and smaller; it’s gotten bigger in terms of what we’re able to accomplish in terms of the scope of the show, but it’s also gotten smaller in terms of the characters. We are able to go to deeper places, richer places, and to some places that I think are unexpected.

How different will the show be now that production has been moved to Vancouver?
Part of that is the job of the cinematographers and we’ve discussions with them about that. I don’t know how much this was obvious towards the back half of the season, but producing this show in Los Angeles was very difficult in terms of the financials. We couldn’t afford to do all the visual effects and go on location, so there were a lot of episodes towards the end of last season where we never left the lot, so we weren’t even getting the benefit of being in Los Angeles. I would rather be overcast and thus have the ability to go out into some streets, and make this show feel huge and cinematic than having the villain show up at her apartment like four episodes in a row last season, which again I think we got away with it, but I think it would’ve started to feel very small if we continued in L.A. That was one of the reasons that we made the decision to move it to Vancouver, so that we could get scope, so we could go out in the streets. So yes, it might be a little rainy once in awhile, we might be seeing her breath every once awhile, but it’s going to be worth it because the show is actually going to feel bigger.


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