Anticipating Injustice: Thoughts on the Possible Sequel


Without a doubt, Injustice: Gods Among Us is one of the best fighting games to come out in the past decade. Not only has it won best fighting game of the year two years in a row, but it’s also spawned a critically acclaimed comic book series.

I myself have played this game till the wee hours of the morn for several months, with no signs of boredom in sight. It’s the perfect merger between Street Fighter, Tekken, Killer Instinct and Mortal Kombat. The latter comes as little surprise, considering the creators of Injustice were also responsible for creating the famous MK franchise as well.

So what’s left for a game this great? Why, a sequel, of course!! Fans of the game have been eagerly awaiting a sequel, and while no official info about a sequel has been released, there have been numerous hints that a sequel is in the works. Mortal Kombat and Injustice developer Ed Boon has even sent out tweets, teasing fans about what characters would be interesting for the game.

So that got me thinking: who would I like to see added to an Injustice sequel?


Here are my picks:



A significant character in the Injustice comic, as well as one of the top fighters in the DC Universe, Canary only makes sense to be added to the game. Her sonic “Canary” cry would make for some interesting attacks.




Since the Suicide Squad is in high demand, this choice only makes sense. Deadshot could serve as the perfect foil to Deathstroke.



Jason Todd was actually rumored for the original game’s DLC, but alas it never came to pass. Does that mean the rumor was false, or perhaps Red Hood was saved for a future game? Either way, this gun toting former Robin would make a great addition to the game.



DRFATEYet another character featured in the Injustice comic (seriously, if you’re not reading that comic, run—don’t walk—to your local comic shop, and purchase the trade), Fate would make a powerful addition to the game. His mystic abilities would bring a fun unpredictability to the game.



ATROCITUSThe master of rage definitely has a place in Injustice. He’s big, he’s scary, and his fighting style is far from pretty. I could see so many games (myself included) having so much fun playing with this character.



BATWOMANIt’s high time that Kate Kane got some major play in multimedia, and Injustice would make the perfect debut.


STARFIREX’hal knows, this warrior would not be out of place here. As beautiful as she is powerful, her presence would definitely be felt in Injustice.



POWERGIRL_SUPERGIRLIt was rumored that Power Girl was meant to make her debut in the original game as well, via DLC. Like Red Hood, that never happened, but I figured why not take it a step further? Since PG is a variation of Supergirl, perhaps Supergirl could be added, and PG could be one of her skins, similar to how John Stewart was a skin for Hal Jordan, and Earth2 Jay Garrick was a Flash skin in the game.



BLACKMANTAAquaman doesn’t have a villain counterpart in Injustice, but that could be easily rectified. Manta is a walking arsenal, that would make for interesting game play.


So what say you all, fellow DC enthusiasts? Are you excited for the prospect of a new Injustice game? What characters, backgrounds, skins, mission, and other DLC would you like to see added to the sequel? Sound off in the comments below.

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