The DC Entertainment New York Comic Con Recap


For the past few years, New York Comic Con (NYCC) has been viewed as the little brother of San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). It’s usually the last of the “big Cons” (the likes of C2E2, Wondercon, and a few others) of the year during convention season (usually February through October). It’s the time when things are winding down, & most publishers, franchises, studios, etc. have already showcased most of their wares earlier in the year (usually at SDCC). By the time NYCC rolls around, it’s usually slim pickings, in terms of announcements for new product.

But this year, DC Entertainment opted to do something a little different. One would have thought they’d fired all their ammo at SDCC, but it appears as though they left a few rounds in the chamber. As such, DC decided to go out with a bang, eclipsing every other publisher, franchise and studio by a wide margin.
Let’s recap all the DC goodness from NYCC.


Comics are the core of any and every comic book franchise, and DC led the charge with comic announcements galore. There were numerous panels about DC Metal, a massive storyline currently running through the DC Universe, as well as updates from other corners of the franchise.

DC set the tone for NYCC from day one, with their internet scorching announcement [insert link to Milestone article] of the return of Milestone Media to DC. Titles and creators were revealed, and the new format and mission statement was laid forth, to the approval of fans around the world.


But the comic book hits didn’t stop there. On the Vertigo front, DC also followed up on the  announcement of the relaunch and revamping of the Vertigo imprint in 2018. It looks like 2018 will be an important year for DC, on multiple levels.

The comics presentations were capped off with a 1:1 discussion with DC Entertainment CCO Geoff Johns, as he was interviewed by bestselling author Lev Grossman. During the session, Geoff discussed his upcoming, highly anticipated, year-long series. From the looks of things, this looks to be Geoff’s greatest opus yet.


When it comes to animated content, DC Entertainment is the reigning, undisputed champion, bar none. In typical Comic Con fashion, DC previewed a few of their upcoming animated movie projects. Batman: Gotham By Gaslight; an Elseworlds horror story featuring the Caped Crusader in a 19th century setting.

Next up was anime film Batman: Ninja; yet another period piece, where this time the Dark Knight finds himself in Feudal Japan, fighting…. Well, you get the gist.

And finally, stepping away from the Shadow of the Bat, the previously announced Constantine animated series was previewed.


While we are on the subject of DC’s petty dabbler, not much was revealed on the DCTV front, outside of the under-the-radar announcement that Matt Ryan would be reprising his live action role as John Constantine!! So we’ll be getting twice the amount of Constantine in 2018.


As if this year’s NYCC couldn’t get anymore awesome, the pièce de résistance was saved for last. The final day of the Con was all about the latest installment of the DC Extended Universe, Justice League. Not only did fans get hit with the latest awesome trailer, but NYC (and Times Square, specifically) was turned into Justice League Central.

Fresh off their recent merger with Warner BrosAT&T went all out with marketing this coming November’s cinematic event. Commemorated as “Justice League Day“, huge displays (such as the Batmobile) were featured at the AT&T store, where Geoff Johns and legendary DC artist and Co-Publisher Jim Lee were on hand to greet fans. This was a smart marketing move on the part of Warner Bros, since Justice League is less that six weeks away.

Oh, and did we mention the JL trailer? Of course we did, but here it is again in case you missed it.

And with that, yet another successful NYCC for DC closed out.

So what was your favorite DC moment at NYCC? Sound off in the comments below.

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