Aquaman is Reportedly to Have a $160 Million Budget


According to Readland City Bulletin, the production cost for Aquaman is being reported at $160 million, which $33 million more than we previously reported back in December of last year, which had the film’s budget at $127 million. 

In May, film crews took over Straddie’s Amity Point camp ground to shoot scenes for the $160 million production of Aquaman, featuring Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Willem Dafoe and Nicole Kidman.

If what’s being reported is true regarding Aquaman, the film will have the second biggest production cost for a standalone DC Extended Universe film, as Wonder Woman production cost was $149 million, making it the smallest of the DCEU films, while Man of Steel production cost was $225 million, making it the biggest of the standalone films.

This number has yet to be confirmed by Warner Bros. or any of the major box office or trade sites, though for a superhero film that takes place majority of the time underwater and will rely on visual effects for many of its underwater scenes, a $160 million dollar budget isn’t crazy by any means.


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