Are Justice League Reshoots Finished?


Justice League reshoots are finally finished, or at least that is what a recent tweet from Joss Whedon would suggest. Whedon is relatively silent on his twitter outside of the occasional political tweets, but today he randomly posted a tweet saying “So, wake me in a month I guess. “

Of course this could just be a response to something completely different and more on the side of sarcasm, but I have been told by someone who gets some reliable news that the reshoots are now done and post-production has started.

After working on Justice League in post-production with Zack Snyder, Joss Whedon will likely begin work on the Batgirl film.

The lengthy amount of time the reshoots haven taken is due to the ensemble cast having other commitments and it being hard to get them all together. Henry Cavill being the hardest to get a hold of as he is filming Mission Impossible 6, though after an accident involving Tom Cruise shut down filming for a couple of weeks he likely went to do his final shooting on the film.

Of course until it Warner Bros. or someone on the film confirms this, please take with a grain of salt.

Eric Curto
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