Aquaman Villain May Have Been Revealed


The Wrap, the news site that reportedly broke the news that Man of Steel 2 is back in early development over at Warner Bros. seems to have broken another piece of news.

According to the site Aquaman’s archenemy Black Manta will be the main villain of the film. James Wan also recently went to Twitter to clarify some comments to IGN about his comparison of Aquaman to Wolverine and within the same Tweet hinted that the Black Manta news might be fact.

BLACKMANTABlack Manta in the comics has had a very heated history with the King of Atlantis, besides being one of the first major villains to be in a minority, especially during the time period, he has been responsible for killing Aquaman’s son, which leaves Aquaman on a mission for revenge.

In the New 52, which James Wan has already said is a huge reason he took on the role of director for the film, Aquaman and Black Manta’s feud is fueled by the fact Aquaman killed Black Manta’s father in retaliation for Black Manta’s father attacking Aquaman’s father.

Black Manta has also been a member of Task Force X in the Suicide Squad comics, which would be cool to see if he makes an appearance in a future Suicide Squad film. Black Manta has only had one live action version, it was on Smallville’s 10th season with an uncredited actor and no lines


Eric Curto
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