Aquaman’s Release Moved to December 21, 2018



According to Deadline, Aquaman’s release date was pushed back to December 21, 2018, from October 5th, 2018. It’s being reproted that Warer Bros. chose to move the date after James Cameron made it clear that he would not be done with Avatar 2 by that release date and with no Star Wars film being released in 2018 during Christmas time, it’s a prime spot to release the film and have the best shot for a good box office intake. The only film that could be considered competition is Sony’s animated Spider-Man film with Miles Morales.

This is great news as it gives James Wan more time to perfect the FX that Zack Snyder is sure to blow fans away with in Justice League.

In the meantime Aquaman will appear in Justice League on November 17, 2016

Source: Deadline

Eric Curto
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