Arrow Panels from Dragon Con 2015


The cast of Arrow attended Dragon Con 2015 this past weekend, two panels were held for the The CW televisions series on Saturday and Sunday. The actors who appeared on the panels were Matt Nable (Ra’s Al Ghul S3), John Barrowman (Malcolm Merlyn), Katie Cassidy (Laurel Lance/Black Canary) and Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen/Arrow).

YouTube user Kelly Brianne was kind enough to record the two panels.

We do get a few indicators of Season 4 of Arrow, where you’ll also have a blast as John Barrowman is the panels standup comedian.


1:50: Stephen Amell addresses why David Ramsey(John Diggle) was unable to appear as he has been having some serious back problems.

5:20 Matt Nable does say he may appear again, which could mean flashbacks to Damian Dark’s past

6:20 Katie Cassidy is asked by a fan about what’s Laurel going to do when White Canary returns for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

10:00 Stephen Amell is asked about the Cage Match Promo and he does mention that Glen Winters came up with that idea and as he is rounding off the shows he’s directed for DC, Katie does mention that he is directing DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. He also mentions Stunt Coordinator James Bamford is going to be directing his first episode of Arrow soon.

28:30 Stephen mentions that in the Season 4 premiere they will be doing something they never done before in regards to a question about Easter Eggs and how The Flash has utilized them.

29:25 A fan responded with something Ronda Rousey said and the cast on the panel, except Matt Nable all gave their support to Ronda Rousey coming onto Arrow(personally she is a great fighter and awesome athlete but any acting roles needs more work)



9:30: Fan ask if we’ll see more “Island Oliver” Flashbacks, the only response was “Yes”

10:55: Katie Cassidy was asked about her emotional state during Season 3, as she was answering it Stephen Amell jumped in to suggest things will be a bit flipped for his and Laurel’s characters this year.

17:35 A Fan ask if Katie would be doing the Say-men Ladder as the rest of the cast who have gone out to fight have done and she replied with a “Hell yes”

18:35: {Non-Arrow S4 related} A fan ask Stephen about his desire for a new move if he were to ever get back in the ring and Stephen does in fact hint that he will be returning, along with John Barrowman

24:00: Stephen Amell confirms they are starting their 75th episode on Wednesday September 9th

24:50: Stephen mentions that Diggle and Detective Lance will have some more time together in Season 4

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