Arrow, The Flash and Former Supergirl Chimes in About Our New Supergirl


I cannot tell express how much I love the new Supergirl outfit, that my fellow reporters was lucky enough to break the original story to you, so I wanted to express my opinion, while informing the fans that Grant Gustin himself has expressed his excitement for Melissa Benoist’s new look.

Some may already know Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist have worked together on the TV Series Glee (which has sparked a joke among fans as to the next Glee star that will become a DC star). So it goes without saying her former co-star will want to show his support to the newest member of the DC Family.

As for my opinion, I love the new look, its amazing what a TV Budget can do nowadays and how cinematic the costume design can get you. The design is courtesy of 3 Time Oscar Winner Colleen Atwood, who was also responsible for The Flash and Arrow’s costumes. I am so glad they have embraced her look, instead of what Smallville did (while I loved her look but they never really embraced a lot of the looks on that show and the ones they did really looked bad. eg: Blue Beetle).

If you look closely at the outfit it combines elements from both the Supergirl costume Helen Slater wore in 1984 Supergirl movie and the texture and look of Henry Cavill’s look in Man of Steel, so we get love and nods to the past and embracing the present.

I can’t wait for The Flash and Supergirl to crossover, I do know that the first season (which will be the 2nd season for The Flash) will not have one, but when the 2nd season comes around it’ll be great to see these two have the race we know from the comics (we all know it’s Superman, but since he can’t really be used, why not? Besides Smallville had that race).

After writing this article I noticed that Helen Slater herself also responded on Melissa Benoist’s new look:

Also Stephen Amell chimed in on his facebook page:

Along with Cyborg himself from the DC Cinematic Universe, Ray Fisher:

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