Ashley Rickards Cast as The Top on The Flash


According exclusively to E!News, Ashley Rickards of Awkward, has been cast as The Top in the third season of The CW hit television series, The Flash.

Ashley will be playing Rosalind “Rosa” Dillon, who’s known as the The Top, in the fourth episode of the series, who has the power to make people’s heads spin. In the episode she will be the Bonnie to Mirror Master and be considered one of the most dangerous members of the Rogues gallery.

In the comics, The Top was originally a male, so this is one of those cases of gender switching to fit the story that’s being told.

“It’s kind of the origin of Mirror Master…We’re really excited,” said Aaron. Added Todd, “It’s the origin story of him, but it’s this struggle between Mirror Master and Captain Cold and you get to see who comes out on top.”

You’ll have to wait until the fall to find out who that is—but you should know that everyone onThe Flash was very excited for Miller’s return. “We’re excited to have Wentworth back because he always brings this amazing presence,” said Aaron. Miller is the first DC TV actor to strike a unique deal that allows him to be a series regular on every CW superhero show: Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and now Supergirl.


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