Ashley Scott is Up to Make an Appearance on Arrow


Ashley Scott, who played Helena Wayne-Kyle/The Huntress in the short-lived The WB television series Birds of Prey, recently shared a tweet from a fan asking the Arrow writers to bring her on to the series and Scott isn’t completely against this idea.

Now the question is if Scott will appear as another character all together, as many previous actors from other DC television series have or she’ll appear as Helena Wayne-Kyle, if it’s the latter it would work better to have The Flash writers tackle this, as Birds of Prey taking place on a different Earth.

In fact, in the comics the Helena Wayne-Kyle version was the daughter of Earth 2 (Golden Age) Batman and Catwoman, so she could very well be part of Earth 2. However, Birds of Prey did hint that Smallville may also exists in the same universe, but it was never fully explored.

Birds of Prey featured Lori Loughlin as Carolyn Lance/Black Canary 1, which Rachel Skarsten played her daughter Dinah Lance/Black Canary 2, Dinah Meyer starred as Barbara Gordon/Oracle, with only a few appearances by Kevin Thomas as Bruce Wayne/Batman and a recurring role by Mia Sara as Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn.


Eric Curto

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