Barbara Kean Is Heading to Arkham in Gotham


According to Entertainment Weekly, Barbara Kean (Erin Richards) will be heading to Arkham Asylum in Season 2 of Gotham. By the end of Season 1, Barbara Kean was broken to the point of killing her own parents, so this is an obvious next step. Although, how will they ever go about making her the mother of future Batgirl Barbara Gordon seems to be an impossibility.

Clearly Barbara is alive on Gotham, so what can you tell me about her arc this season? — Amy
If you thought Barbara killing her parents was bad, it’s only the beginning. “That moment where she kills her parents is the moment she sets herself completely free from every tie she ever had — her ties to Jim, to society, or maybe even sanity, you could argue,” Erin Richards says. Furthermore, she says that Barbara is headed to Arkham in episode 1, where she’ll meet “this band of emerging villains who shape who she’s going to be in this series.”


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