Batman and Harley Quinn Gets Nationwide Theatrical Release on August 14, 2017


The Fathom events have proven to be successful with Batman: The Killing Joke and Justice League Dark both bringing in their budget and slightly more. Now Batman and Harley Quinn are going to get their own theatrical release for a day.

Batman and Harley Quinn is scheduled to première during the San Diego Comic Con, but this gives fans another chance to see the film on the big screen before its released on August 29, 2017. The event will feature a Harley Quinn featurette too.

Though the film is not connected to the Batman: The Animated Series universe it does feature the same character models and many of the same voice actors, giving it a throwback feeling to that world.

Produced by Warner Bros. Animation from an original story spawned by animation icon Bruce Timm, Batman and Harley Quinn finds Poison Ivy and Jason Woodrue (a.k.a. the Floronic Man) embarking on an ecological quest to save the planet…and, unfortunately, eliminate most of humankind along the way. To save humanity, Batman and Nightwing are forced to enlist Harley Quinn to catch Poison Ivy, Harley’s BFF and frequent partner-in-crime. Batman’s patience is put to the test by the unpredictable and untrustworthy Harley, as the reluctant companions face twists and turns during their bumpy road trip. The result is a thrill ride of action, adventure and comedy no Batman fan has seen before.

Source: Fathom Events

Eric Curto
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