Batman Co-Creator Bill Finger to get New York Street Named After Him


For many years Bob Kane received the sole credit for creating Batman, that is until 2016 when Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Gotham became the first film and television series to acknowledge that Finger having a hand in creating Bruce Wayne and Batman as we know him and since than all comics featuring Batman, now have the same credit:  Batman Created by Bob Kane with Bill Finger.

This accomplishment happened thanks to Marc Tyler Nobleman, who documented his journey to get Bill Finger the credit he deserved in the Hulu documentary Batman & Bill. This documentary gave way to more Bill Finger tributes, including a new street sign “Bill Finger Way” that is going to be unveiled in the Bronx on East 192 Street and the Grand Concourse. This place is significant since Bill Finger met with Bob Kane at Poe Park, where the sign will be to discuss Batman’s creation.

Bill Finger’s granddaughter Athena, Nobleman and the city councilmen will speak at the event.

This news comes from Bill Finger’s biographer Mike Tyler Nobleman

Eric Curto
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