Batman Co-Creator Bob Kane to Receive Hollywood Walk of Fame Star


Bob Kane(Co-Writer), who along with Bill Finger(Co-Writer) and Jerry Robinson (Artist) created Bruce Wayne/Batman in 1939 and is soon to receive a great honor for his contribution.

While it’s a controversial subject, personally find that all 3 men deserve the credit and not just one person. It seems lately like its “cool” to completely throw away the fact that Bob Kane had any contribution to the creation of one of DC’s best characters all for Bill Finger, while still completely shoving out Jerry Robinson as well, which completely contradicts their original argument.

Bob Kane in his later years would often remind fans that Bill Finger helped to create Batman and now in Batman Chronicles, a series of books that collects each Batman comic in publishing order Bill Finger is properly credited.

According to Comics Alliance this honor will occur next year.

Eric Curto
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