Batman Goes for a Ride with The Joker


As previously reported a ton of videos and photos were released by eyewitness revealing that Batman and The Joker will have a chase scene in Suicide Squad.

Well now it looks like Batman will end up on the roof of Joker’s car trying to get at him. It’s clear that it’s a stunt double, but I am wondering if we will be seeing Ben Affleck return to film up close shots.

Batman on top jokers car #batman #joker #suicidesquad #onset #batmobile #downtown

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Ok #batman #suicidesquad #TORONTO #night #youmaynotwalk #filming @valvaldez09

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Ok, now it's getting serious… #dc #batman #joker #dcuniverse #suicidesquad #Toronto #sik

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It can truly be said, I have a Bat in my Belfry.. Or on my car roof! #batman #thejoker #suicidesquad

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#Batman on #Joker 's #Vaydor . Scenes are getting intense on the #SuicideSquad (via @nan_mandian)

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Even a news crew caught some of the action

Eric Curto

Eric Curto

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Eric Curto
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