Batman: The Killing Joke Comes in Third Place First Night at the Box Office


Batman: The Killing Joke had two nights of a theatrical release, each night having two screenings of the anticipated R-rated animated film. On July 25th the film managed to make $3,175,000, being in 1,325 theaters getting an estimated $2, 396 for each screen. The budget is reported to be an estimated at $3,500,000, so in one night it managed to make over 90% of its budget back, even before Home Video and Digital Sales.
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Interestingly enough it ended up making the #3 spot in the box office for a Monday, with only The Secret Life of Pets (2) and Star Trek Beyond (1) beating its box office. Considering its the Summer and there were a limited amount of theaters that is pretty impressive.

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This is great news as it may encourage more DC Animated Films to get limited theatrical releases. Batman: The Killing Joke was the first DC Animated Film to be released theatrically since 1992’s Batman: The Mask of the Phantasm bombed at the box office, despite great critical and fan reactions. Since than all the DC Animated Films, even the ones that could have gone theatrical, like The Dark Knight Returns film, were all given direct to video releases.

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