Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Regal Cinemas Ultimate Ticket Sold Out


The Regal Cinemas ultimate ticket for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has officially sold out after being on sale for 24 hours.

The Ultimate Ticket gives the owner an unlimited amount of times they can go see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, as well as more benefits such as points for Regal Cinemas online store.

It was reported only 1,000 were made with features such as Bat Symbol laser cut through high-grade 0.5 mm anodized black stainless steel, while Superman’s iconic glyph is etched on both sides and colorized on the front.  The wallet-sized cards will be personalized with each recipient’s name inscribed permanently on the back.

This means that with the “Ultimate Ticket” alone the film has already made $100,000 in pre-sale tickets.



Eric Curto
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