Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – Trailer #2 – Review


The second trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice premiere last night during Jimmy Kimmel Live, now here’s a review of the PROS, CONS and a recap of the Easter eggs. 

First off, want to say this is my review and does not reflect the opinions of the rest of the sites contributors and I do hope to see their point of view on this trailer, I will do my best to go by the trailer’s various shots.


I will try to break this down as well by the Pros and the Cons, I do love this trailer, I still prefer the first trailer but this was a great follow-up and I do hope they now are done, within two 3 minute trailers and two teasers, I think they have enough footage they can play around with for TV Spots and whatnot.

First I do want to start off with the CONS since there really wasn’t much here to hate on, at least in my opinion. Of course as a huge DC Fan I am a bit biased, but that does not mean I can’t see flaws. So let’s get started.



By now you know the villain is Doomsday and I am not exactly thrilled that we got this reveal. Now don’t get me wrong, the film needed a villain that would unite the Holy Trinity of Comics together for the first time, so I am not mad that it is Doomsday. All I am disappointed with was the reveal. Now in today’s world of spoilers and leaks, it was nice to have a film as big as Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice be so hush-hush. The first trailer did a fantastic job at giving us glimpses of the story, mainly through the eyes of everyone except Superman, this could have held a bit more back. By revealing the villain you now just told the fans the last piece of the big mystery. Grant it, we still haven’t seen Aquaman, Cyborg or even The Flash (if he is in the film), so there is that, but I do feel that the marketing department might have goofed. Still the film is so hyped that I doubt it will lose any ticket buyers.


Now the editing for the trailer in no way makes me not want to see the film, but there were several moments, at least through the scenes we saw in the first trailer where it sped up and had quick cuts, which kind of felt off to me. Not sure why they did that, perhaps they wanted to just get to the new footage and thought to just speed up the scenes we’ve seen already.

So yea, so far that is my only complaints. Here are my PROS.



Now Man of Steel had quite a few moments to giggle at, but as the humor was not like some other films fans tend to continuously accuse the film for being humorless, which makes NO sense. To top it off a rumor had spread that it was a mandate that all DC films have no humor, which was never said nor was it ever confirmed and this trailer finally debunked that as we see several moments where there is some laughter to be had. Such as the moment Lex greet Bruce and Clark was out of left field but fun and when Wonder Woman stops Doomsday heat vision from killing Batman and the two’s reaction to seeing her. Hopefully the humor in future DC films are not like it was in Green Lantern or any other films that has come out as DC has always been a bit more serious in tone.


In the first trailer we didn’t see a lot of Jesse, his character still had a mystery to him that led viewers still undecided on how he will play the role. I have seen people still undecided but for me this clinched it, he will be awesome in the role. Lex Luthor was originally a mad scientist, a trait that was lost in the Superman films except for Superman 4 as by that time he was turned into the Millionaire Lex in the comics. This trailer does confirm that Lex will again have some of that version bought into this role, which has me excited. Not to mention we get to see another side of him, two actually. In the first trailer we had seen his manipulative side, this one we see the persona he shows in public of the friendly host and then later on with Lois we see his superiority complex shine through.


He is just freaking more bad ass in this trailer than the last one, in the first trailer we saw more of the paranoid side, in this we see his rationalization of the whole situation. Not to mention he actually swears, don’t get me wrong in the comics Batman has used some pretty big obscenities, but never in a film. So to hear him call Superman a “Son a bitch” and knowing when he first sees Doomsday his first words are “Oh Shit'(yea in the trailer the last part was cut off, but you can see the cut that was made) is pretty damn cool.

Now my breakdown of some of the stuff I noticed, this will be Easter Eggs I know of and since I have a limited knowledge with some of the stuff I encourage you to post in the comments any further Easter Eggs they may have noticed.


Henry Cavill was fantastic in Man of Steel and it’s no secret my opinion is that Man of Steel was my absolute favorite Superman movie, with only nostalgia for the Donner films elevating the Donner film and now Henry once again shines as both Clark and Superman. We get a line that shows Superman has become a hero to many people as well as a line to show he is holding back in his fight with Batman. Again this shows the consequences for killing Zod would be his own guilt, he is now doing more to avoid a repeat and it helped to evolve him. I also believe the 3 year gap between films also will further help show he has grown.


Ok well this may be a bit unfair as she only shows up at the end, but come on that entrance was freaking awesome, not to mention what I said about the humor added to it is great. Wonder Woman’s powers are shown to withstand a fire blast from a mutated Kryptonian. This does confirm too that Wonder Woman’s role really is small as Superman and Batman have no idea who she is, so Gal Gadot as Princess Diana is more her role in this film.



When Bruce is speaking with Clark at the party he mentions to him that “Every time your hero saves a cat from a tree” this line is reminiscent of the Christopher Reeve scene in Superman: The Movie as well as Perry White’s similar comment in Superman II when discussing how Superman is around to save a cat from a tree but not when Zod is there. Another part he mentions is “Maybe it’s the Gotham City in me, we just have a bad history of freaks dressed like clowns.” This line is obviously another Joker reference.


We see more of the “Knightmare Batman” scene and I noticed the creatures with wings look like the same creatures from Apocalypse. Could that be what they are? We already know this film leads directly into Justice League: Part One, so it is a possibility. What if that huge explosion we have seen in both trailers is actually a Boom Tube, which is a portal to different dimensions and solar systems, usually to Apocalypse.


Not only does the car at the start of the trailer look similar to one of Bruce’s many vehicle in the Batman: The Animated Series but it looks similar to one of his early cars from the days when Bob Kane and Bill Finger were writing the character.


As we already know Superman was inspired by religious characters like Jesus and Moses and here we get yet another one, but one that continues to push the fact that like those stories this story has great significance. In the scene Lex says “If man won’t kill god, than the devil will.”

Eric Curto
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