Black Adam Will Take Place In the DC Extended Universe


This news shouldn’t come as much surprise, as this was known from the very beginning that Black Adam would exist in the DC Extended Universe after it being confirmed multiples times by Dwayne Johnson and then of course the most obvious of all the confirmations is David F. Sandberg’s Shazam! having bunch of references to the DCEU superhero and of course the cameo at the end with Superman.

But if those weren’t enough of a confirmation, Black Adam producer Hiram Garcia confirmed that not only is their new film within the DCEU, but that they’re planning on introducing character from the DC Universe and have them interact with both Shazam and Black Adam.

Brandon: I mean DC is kind of taking very different approaches. Isolated, connected but also not connected. Will this stand on its own or will it kind of also exist in that?

Garcia: So first, because this is the same world as Shazam where everything is doing their own separate world. We have plans for our own version, we’re starting to craft a DC universe there around Black Adam, Shazam and so forth and the plans for characters we have that are going to be introduced and so forth. Because ultimately we love the idea of a shared universe. I think the fans love the idea of a shared universe. They love seeing these characters interact. So we have very ambitious plans. How are we going to do that and orchestrate it and it’s all in the works.

Black Adam is slated to release in theaters on December 22nd 2021.


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