Camren Bicondova Hosts a Gotham Q&A


Camren Bicondova, who plays Selina Kyle/Cat on Gotham, went onto official Facebook page for the FOX television series and began a Q&A for fans while also promoting last’s all new episode of Gotham.

The Q&A does take a while to really start but she does show a little of her comic book collection in the meantime. Nothing in terms of any major spoilers are mentioned.

7:30 mark she talks about finishing up Season 2 Episode 21 and then working next on the Season 2 Finale.

7:50 she describes the vibe on set and who she enjoys being around.

8:33 when will we see Ivy again?

9:15 what has been her favorite scene to shoot in S2?

11:00 How was it working with Robin Lord Taylor?

11:25 What was her preparation for the role?

12:30 Where does she hope her character goes next season?

14:35 What does Selina have in common with Carmen?

15:38 Does Carmen do all her own stunts?

16:30 What has been her hardest scene to shoot?

18:38 Her favorite Gotham villain?

20:10 How much does she enjoy playing Selina Kyle?

25:50 What DC Character would she like to see appear?

27:25 Is she excited about Suicide Squad?

28:00 Her relationship with Bruce Wayne?

31:30 Will she use the Whip on the show?

This Facebook Live Q&A has ended.Hey guys! Camren Bicondova here answering your #Gotham questions LIVE! Let's chat!

Posted by Gotham on Monday, March 14, 2016

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