Chris McKay Discusses What It Will Take For an Actor to Be Cast as Nightwing


Nightwing director Chris McKay spoke with fans on Twitter about his love for the character or Nightwing and was asked if the actor being cast will need to love the character as he does and he responded with a definitive yes. Stating its a full commitment and he will need to be able to handle the daily gymnastics and martial arts skills the character is an expert on.

McKay showed fans his love for the DC Universe with The LEGO Batman Movie and with that being the more campy side managed to give fans of the darker side of the characters a smile with all the Easter eggs and meta references.

A live action darker film is different from a CGI animated comedy, but the love for the characters will still translate in his efforts as director for the Nightwing film.

He also retweets an idea from a fan with an agreement to the type of film Nightwing should be, so perhaps we are being given a peek inside what we will get from the film.


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