Chris Pine in Talks To Play Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman


Well it seems as though Warner Bro. may have found their Steve Trevor, according to Variety Chris Pine(Star Trek) is in talks to play the role of Steve Trevor in the upcoming Wonder Woman film.

While Warner Bros. has yet to comment, meaning this has not been confirmed, but Variety has been very reliable on these Exclusives,  sources also say that Scott Eastwood (who was rumored to be playing the role in Suicide Squad) was given a choice to either test for Steve Trevor or play a still unknown role in Suicide Squad, obviously he chose the latter.

Steve Trevor is one of Wonder Woman’s biggest supporting characters, first appearing in All Star Comics #8 and being in just about every incarnation that has been released, being played most famously by Lyle Waggoner who was originally cast as Batman for the 1960’s TV Series before being replaced by Adam West, in the 1977 Lynda Carter TV Series as both the original Steve Trevor and his son when the series updated to a modern time era,  so it’s a no brainer this character would be involved, but its great to see Warner Bros. is looking to up and coming and as well as established actors.

It should also be noted that Chris Pine is an actor many fans have wanted to play Green Lantern’s Hal Jordan, so he is certainly a smart choice for Warner Bro. to keep in contact if this deal falls through, he can still play another role.

Source: Variety

Eric Curto
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