Chris Wood Cast on Supergirl


TV Line has announced that Chris Wood has been cast in an unknown role for the second season of Supergirl. The role as stated is not known, but with San Diego Comic Con happening, its more than likely we will have an official announcement of his character.

All TV Line was able to find out was that it would be a “Surprise” DC Comics character. Could surprise mean, we never would have expected that character to come in or just your typical surprise?

A recent rumor suggested that the inclusion of Maggie Sawyer was a hint that some of the Bat-Family was going to make an appearance as The CW are in talks with FOX to share the rights.  Of course, this is a grain of salt rumor, so we are not certain at all, but an announcement that Batman and/or Batwoman were going to appear would certainly be Comic Con news to break.

It’s also very possible that we will finally have Hal Jordan make an appearance as Green Lantern, as rumors a while back suggested he may arrive soon.

Chris Woods, who is a mainstay at The CW, being on Carrie Diaries, Vampire Diaries and recently Containment.

Source: TV Line

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