Colin Hanks Interested in Making a Animated Superman: Red Son Movie


There was some controversy a while back when the internet ran with the idea that Warner Bros. were developing a live action adaptation for Superman: Red Son, even though there was no sign they were developing the film at all.

This was due to a twitter conversation in which Mark Millar mentioned he pitched the idea of bringing the story to life and Warner Bros. declined the idea.

Now Director and actor Colin Hanks, have both shown interest in the project in an animated form by letting Millar know he has worked on getting it adapted himself. This was given the thumbs up by Millar as something he wants to see, he also proceeds to praise the animation department and their ability to adapt great stories well.

Warner Bros. Animation has teased in the past that they have an interest in seeing the story get adapted into an animated form, so perhaps we are getting closer to that being a reality.

Eric Curto
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