Constantine Available to Stream on CW Seed


NBC’s Constantine had a short run, but a run that garnered a legion of fans. Now that it’s been connected to the DC Shows through Arrow, it’s no surprise that The CW would begin taking advantage of this connected by bringing the series to CW Seed.

Now of course, this does not mean we are getting a revival, nor does it mean we are getting a Blu-Ray or DVD release, but seeing as The CW has decided to add the series, shows promise for at least one of those options. It’s to be assumed it all depends on how the viewing is on the streaming site before they make a decision on one or more of those options. It’s also not known if the new deal that Netflix is close to making with The CW, will involve bringing the series to Netflix either.

Suggestion is if you enjoyed the series or were not able to view the series on NBC, now is your chance.

It’s also to be noted that The CW added the DC Animated Films Justice League: Doom and Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, along with previous DC shows such as  Birds of Prey, The Flash (1990), Vixen, and MAD Tv.

Eric Curto
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