Constantine Looking For A New Home After Cancellation from NBC


Despite heartfelt attempts to convinced NBC to renew the freshman DC series Constantine co-creator has tweeted out that NBC has officially dropped Constantine. Not sure if that means the midseason pickup is still off the cards but it is now official that Daniel Cerone and Warner Bros. has stopped their attempts to convince them otherwise.

The good news in the tweet is that Warner Bros. is now looking for a new network which means it’s up for grabs. Personally I’d love to see it on FX or Netflix as both networks are prime real estate for a series with its supernatural content.

Now despite NBC’s inability to give the series a chance there is still hope but we are definitely holding on for dear life now.

So send in your messages to Netflix, FX, TNT and whoever else and see who bites.

Continue to give the hashtag #SaveConstantine and #Constantine and make other networks notice.

Eric Curto
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