Constantine Petition Has Reached 64K+ Signatures


Since running our original article, the Save Constantine petition on Change.Org has gained upwards of 64K signatures, with a little over 10K signatures needed to reach the goal of 75K signatures.

While no one can predict the outcome, if you would like to see everyone’s favorite HellBlazer return to TV in some form, don’t hesitate to sign the petition, and encourage others to do the same.


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I've been an avid DC fan since my early childhood. I was first introduced to DC via their animated product, but it wasn't till the mid/late 90's that I ventured into the realm of actual comics. Now, as a lifelong DC enthusiast, I look for any & every opportunity to take in DC product, be it in the form of movies, animation, video games, TV shows & the like. DC is where it's at.
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  • Jason Morris

    That is outstanding!! I think that the CW has figured
    Out that the character IS popular!! I bet Matt Ryan will
    End up coming back again for Arrows season finale!!
    Maybe they can get him for the second season of Legends!!