Constantine Renewed…Kind Of


Daniel Cerone, co-creator of Constantine has been very forward with the fans about the status of the televisions series and the possibility of it getting renewed.

Recently he gave us a new update which still gives fans hope, but we are now in the middle of the rope almost ready to fall.

As you see NBC apparently is keeping the hold of the shows status on the terms of one of the new shows premiering this Fall season. The hope now is that if the new show underperforms that NBC will consider a 2nd season as a Mid-Season replacement.

Does this almost certainly means the series is cancelled? Maybe, but it also shows that NBC are serious about their faith in the show, otherwise they would have axed it. Keep in mind anything could happen and there is still hope NBC will make a last minute change and renew it.

I personally would rather have 13 episodes per season than it get canceled. The 13 episodes have worked for shows like Hannibal and it could work for Constantine as well.

Continue watching the series on Hulu and On Demand as long as it’s available, go on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #SaveConstantine and show your support.


Eric Curto
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