Could Arnold Schwarzenegger Be Returning to the DC Universe?


Geoff Johns, the co-head of DC Films andPatty Jenkins, director of Wonder Woman has begun following Arnold Schwarzenegger on Twitter. Schwarzenegger on the other hand is not following them back.

Is it possible he could be Ares’ true form or the voice? Or even Zeus? Either casting would be a nice little touch for Schwarzenegger fans since his first role he played the Son of Zeus/Brother of Ares, Hercules, in Hercules in New York.

Schwarzenegger is a mega star in the eyes of many fans, so the idea that he could be joining the DC Extended Universe is pretty cool, however for many it is a sore subject as he played Mr. Freeze in the infamous Batman & Robin by Joel Schumacher. He also has stated in interviews that he had little knowledge of the world, but his son asked him to be in the film, so he wanted to please him.

We have seen though that being in the Joel Schumacher films does not mean you are not eligible for being in a DC Extended Universe, film as Nicole Kidman who was in Batman Forever was in early talks to be in Wonder Woman and now in talks to appear in Aquaman.
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