Could Batgirl Appear in Gotham City Sirens?


As previously reported, writer Christina Hodson is penning the solo Batgirl movie. Now Forbes writer Mark Hughes added to the news by stating that Batgirl could appear in Gotham City Sirens and referred to Birds of Prey as a morphed/evolved version of what Gotham City Sirens was going to be.

Does this mean that Gotham City Sirens is no longer in development and the movie is now Birds of Prey? Hughes does refer to Gotham City Sirens in the present tense. Though it makes sense to have two of DC’s all female teams appearing in a film together, especially since the Gotham City Sirens are three antagonist and Birds of Prey are three protagonist. The Birds of Prey could appeared first in Gotham City Sirens as a build up to their movie.

At least years San Diego Comic Con the Gotham City Sirens was not mentioned to be on the slate for the upcoming DC Films. Since than director David Ayer, who signed on to write the movie, stated he was still involved, but there’s been no update since then.

Hughes does go on to respond that we are  going to see Poison Ivy.

Eric Curto
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