Could Gotham Get a Spin-Off?


FOX Chairman and CEO Gary Newman spoke at the Television Critics Association panel this past weekend, on the possibility of a Gotham spin-off being created for the network.

Now its well-known that one of the DC Shows to be getting very mixed reactions from fans is Gotham and while enjoying the series, it’s hard to really think the series would get a spin-off.

The episodes featuring Jerome and Barbara in Arkham Asylum could very well be a great “villain” series, focusing on the inmates and having characters like Hugo Strange and Ichabod Crane making appearances, although taking place during the time period in which Batman existed, it appears that could be in the cards in the future.


“We haven’t had any conversations with Warners about whether or not they’d want to do a spinoff series,” he explained. “I think that would be an issue for DC. It isn’t quite clear to me that they’d be ready to do that, but it’s a good idea.”

What do you think? As stated above, a series in which we focus on the staff and the inmates and maybe even see the beginning of certain smaller characters, like Calendar Man could be interesting and if Suicide Squad and FOX’s Deadpool does well it could prove that a comic book show focusing on the baddies can be the next step the evolution of the comic book film and television craze.

Source: IGN

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