Theory: Could Legends of Tomorrow Introduce Alternate Earths?


Since The Flash premiered and it was clear elements of the Alter Reality story Flashpoint would be introduced into what is known as the ArrowVerse fans have speculated that by the Season 1 Finale of The Flash we would be left on a cliffhanger in which Barry changes time, but what if not? What if Barry’s mom request him to let her die, knowing the consequences?

Well here is where my theory comes, assuming The Flash doesn’t introduce Alternate Earths what if this is where Legends of Tomorrow sets up a bigger story in the ArrowVerse?

So far we have Rip Hunter who travels back in time to put together a group of heroes and villains to become legends, now one if those heroes are Kendra Saunders who becomes Hawkgirl, however in the comics she is actually from Earth 2. Now from the First Look we got this week we hear Victor Garber’s Martin Stein saying she has a multi-life complex, which does sound a bit like Sheyara’s backstory, who is Earth 1’s Hawkgirl, so this could be another case of adapting two characters in one. Recently we got a set photo from what could be a Legends of Tomorrow shoot and we got to see Jay Gerrick’s Flash helmet and while we have seen a hint of his existence in an episode of The Flash, is it possible Rip Hunter will send the team to alternate worlds? In the comics Barry Allen named himself The Flash after the Golden Age version who was a comic book and when he first hit the speed force he ends up crossing over into his world finding out it’s an alternate Earth. This would certainly be a huge step in just opening the DC universe. Smallville had some success with this concept as well, unfortunately they waited until the last season to explore it. This is a great opportunity to just go nuts.

So what do you think? Would you like to see Alternate Universes, maybe even bringing back cast members from old shows like Smallville or The Flash? In fact recently we did hear that there could be a story in which John Wesley Shipp suits back up and the 90’s series is an alternate world.

Shoot your ideas below.

Eric Curto
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