Theory: Could Suicide Squad Be Rated R?


I just had a thought and wanted to share it with you fans, what if Suicide Squad is Rated R? Keep in mind I am basing this on my own thoughts and not due to any article or rumor, but what if the DC Cinematic Universe broke the mold by having the Universe not all be the same ratings?

The DC Animated Film Batman: Assault on Arkham proved that you can have a violent and cohesive Suicide Squad film and keep it PG-13, but PG-13 in Animation is sometimes handled differently than Live Action, not by much though.

The characters in the Suicide Squad are a group of villains, mostly from Batman’s rogues gallery that in the comics are never portrayed as anything less than villainy and from what we have seen from David Ayer’s early Tweets we know he has done his research and is taking this universe and group of characters seriously.

Another thing to think about is not too long ago George Miller, who is known for his heavy hitting Mad Max franchise was on set, the reason we don’t know, it could be that he is a friend and simply watching, maybe he is in talks to direct a later film and is looking to David Ayer to make sure there is no conflict or maybe he was there giving David Ayer some pointers on how to give us an over the top action scene like Mad Max: Fury Road?

Another reason I think this could be the case is the DC Cinematic Universe is just starting, while the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be starting their Phase 3 and this could send ripples through the Universes if a Comic Book Universe can have an R rated film mixed in with a bunch of PG-13 films? Another thing to think about is Deadpool has already been confirmed to be R-Rated and will exist in the same Universe as the PG13 X-Men/Wolverine films, so keeping with a villain fronted theme could easily warrant an R-Rating.

Some also theorize that The Enchantress could open the door to the Justice League Dark film that was written by Guillermo Del Toro. The film in itself is set to be more of a supernatural element and with the slate of characters that have been conformed to appear, it would most certainly benefit from an R-Rating, if Suicide Squad was the test run to see if an R-Rated DCCU film could work, it could help getting Justice League Dark up and running finally.

What do you think, is there a flaw in my theory?

Eric Curto
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