Could We Be Getting a Female Joker on Gotham?


Could we be getting a Female Joker? It seems a possibility as the Show-runner Bruno Heller had spoken recently with, that there have been discussions about that possibility, in the comics there have been at least two incidences in which they can adapt this idea.


In the Flashpoint Universe when Flash prevents his mother’s murder, Bruce Wayne is the one killed, while Thomas Wayne becomes Batman and Martha Wayne goes mad due to her grief and becomes The Joker.

Also we have had Duel Dent, who goes mad and believes herself to be The Joker’s daughter. We also have been seeing that Barbara Kean has become more Harley Quinn like in this new season, making me wonder if we can see her become The Joker, or at least the next runner-up.

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After last night’s episode of Gotham its safe to say that just because it looks like a duck does not mean it is a duck as Jerome was shown to only be a possible inspiration to who may become The Joker later on, which in my opinion is even better than him being The Joker as it shows a further disconnect The Joker has to reality as he is basing his whole madness on a guy he saw on TV, who was also faking it. It also shows we are more likely not getting The Killing Joke “failed stand up comedian” take on the character.

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