Creatures Spotted On Suicide Squad Set


Now we have been receiving quite a load of set photos which have very little explanation to them as they tend to be straight forward, however that changed recently as Slug like humanoid creatures were seen on the Suicide Squad set.

Here at DC Comics Movie we have had quite an open mind, knowing that liberties maybe taken and new elements will be added in and this maybe one of them, as these creatures don’t look anything like what we have seen in the comics before, but it does speculate on whether these are a creation of The Enchantress or possibly another villain with the power to create creatures like these.

The photos were also taken while the crew were setting up a crashed helicopter scene, so could it be that those riding in that helicopter are now being taken over to do The Enchantress’s bidding or someone else?

Check out Margot Source for all the photos.

Eric Curto
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