Daniel Cerone Encourages More Constantine Streaming


Constantine co-creator Daniel Carone, has already told us that Season 2 of Constantine is most likely returning as a mid-season pickup, if one of the new NBC series does not work out.

However he is now tweeting a reminder that all the episodes are still available to stream and encourages others to get their friends to watch, now that alone would just make us figure he is still just encouraging fans to watch, but now he adds a “Trust Me”, which to me seems a bit on the nose of hinting to us that if we continue to stream, NBC may change their minds.

We urge you to stream watch the series, even if you have never read a Hellblazer comic, Constantine the television series is a well written, well acted supernatural drama that deserves to get a second season. If you do please tweet out the hashtag #Constantine and #SaveConstantine it’ll help a lot.

Eric Curto
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