Daniel Cerone Gives Renewed Hope for Constantine


Daniel Cerone who’s the creator and writer  for the cancelled NBC series Constantine, notified fans that there’s new rumblings for Constantine on The CW, but does not know what’s going on yet but will keep the fans updated, once he learns more.

Keep in mind the new rumblings could simply involve Matt Ryan returning in a supporting role in some capacity, but it would be a shame if we didn’t get the whole cast back.

Now please keep in mind this is in no way him saying the series is going to be renewed or they are once again in talks to bring it back, it’s simply Cerone’s way of letting fans know that he is aware that it has become a possibility again. If you want that renewal conversation to once again happen, you can go on CW Seed and binge watch the series, its free and all you have to do is watch through the ads. Also when you watch it on Twitter and Facebook use the hashtag #SaveConstantine.

With Constantine now on CW Seed and merchandise being released, it certainly points to the idea that Warner Bros. and possibly The CW are still looking to resurrect Constantine in some way, so keep the hope alive.

Eric Curto
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