Danny Trejo Fancast Himself as Lobo


Danny Trejo known mostly by his roles in various Robert Rodriguez films including the Machete franchise, has apparently begun to campaign for a role in the DC Extended Universe as Lobo. This isn’t the first time an actor campaigned for a role, Tyrese Gibson began campaigning for the role of John Stewart/Green Lantern after a fan shared some photos of him as the character.

Lobo, is an Intergalactic Bounty Hunter who plays out as a foul mouth anti-hero and has been in the running to appear in a feature film since 2009 with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson originally attached to play the role.

Since than the film has taken a sort of back seat in Development Hell and The Rock has moved on to another DC Property as Black Adam in Shazam as well as the DC Extended Universe.

Danny Trejo I can tell you right now may be up there in the years but he is a great actor who hasn’t been given enough Star Power in his films. Even if he never gets his own solo film, it be great to see Danny Trejo come into a Green Lantern or Superman film as Lobo.

Eric Curto
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