David Ayer Writes Open Letter on the Suicide Squad Criticism


David Ayer, who wrote and directed Suicide Squad has responded to a fan who praised the film and told him to not let anyone tell him its anything short than a masterpiece.

In the letter, Ayer goes on to mentions that it took him a couple of years of his life, which debunks the rumor that he only had 6 weeks to complete the script. The note also says that there is no special cut of the film with loads of Joker scenes, debunking that rumor as well. He does acknowledge that while it has some flaws he is still happy the film managed to let the general audience get familiar with the great characters in the DC Universe.

We know he is returning to direct Gotham City Sirens, this tells us that he enjoyed his time working on the film and the rumors that there were issues are false.

Eric Curto
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